The symbolism of the crest is this: if a learner studies the opened BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE,

the GATES OF SUCCESS will open to such a learner.

The RISING SUN alludes to collected knowledge,

which brings ENLIGHTENMENT in a learner's life - hence the motto:



Our School's Anthem:

On a hill in Edenvale

Stands a school so proud

Learners with desire

To sing a song out loud

It’s a song of inspiration

For all who have a dream

To grow in self-fulfilment

And do it as a team!

We strive to learn, to work and win

Our future to secure

In hope we stand to build our land

In faith we will endure

So join us as we conquer

The challenges we face

Together as a family

We do it all in grace

Oh Dowerglen we honour

Our teachers, friends, ourselves!

Dowerglen! Dowerglen!

Our future is our choice

Dowerglen! Dowerglen!

Let’s make a joyful noise!